Free Slot Machines

Free Slots and Online Casino Games

Though they have many similarities, there are key differences between playing casino games online and at a land casino. One of the big advantages that online casinos offer is the availability of free slot machines. While you never get to play for free at a land casino, that perk is common with the online version.

Most online casinos offer free slot machines that you can use with “play” money, where you can’t win anything real but you also can’t lose real money. There is no reward for playing other than fun, but it’s a good way to get acquainted with the casino and the game.

In addition to the free games that serve as free trials for the casino, there are other ways to enjoy free slot machines. One way is with bonuses where the casino gives you free spins on the slots or free money to wager on slots. The other way is with free slot tournaments, also called freerolls.

Free slot tournaments are slot tournaments where there is no entry fee to join. Because there is no required buy-in, you can play in the tournament without spending any money and still have a chance to win cash prizes. If you lose all of the money you are given by the casino, you still haven’t lost anything because you never wagered any real money. Also, if you lose it all you have the option of re-buying, but the second time it will cost you.

With free slot machines, online casinos offer you a way to literally make money for nothing. It is a perk you won’t find in land casinos and is one of the benefits of playing online.

Slot Machine Strategies

Slot machines are games of random chance. Nothing you do can change that. Nothing will change the odds, either, which are preset for every slot. There are things you can do that will impact your money, though.

Every slot machine has a house edge. That means that, no matter what the odds for that particular game, all of them have odds that favor the casino. That means every time you wager money, you are more likely to lose it than to win more money. For that reason, the more money you wager, the more you risk. For that reason, a conservative betting strategy is to bet the minimum allowed amount, to use flat betting, and to bet slowly. Slots allow you to use an auto play feature, where it plays continuously without you even needing to be at the computer. That allows more games to be played at any given time period, which puts more of your money at risk. There is no rush when it comes to online slots, so take your time.

Betting the minimum exposes less money to the house edge and it allows you to play longer with the same amount of money. However, if you ever play progressive slots, you should do the opposite. Progressive slots pay out less often than traditional slots. Their redeeming feature is that fact that they have larger jackpots, due to multiple machines sharing a jackpot. For that reason, you should only play progressive slots if you are trying to win that elusive jackpot, despite the extremely low odds. Since you only win the entire jackpot if you bet the maximum, you should bet the top amount for progressive slots. If you can’t afford to do that or aren’t comfortable doing that, then you should play traditional slots instead of the progressives.

Online Slot Tournaments

Slot tournaments are some of the best bargains at online casinos. If offers you good deals that you simply cannot get at a brick and mortar casino. With online tournaments, you get to enjoy a more exciting game with less risk and sometimes the potential for a reward with zero risk.

Normally when you play an online slot, you have to put real money down on each spin. If you lose, that money is gone and you need to put real money down to play the next spin. With slot tournaments, that is not the case. You pay an entry fee and then are given credits to use. Those credits have no monetary value and are only used to track who is winning the tournament. As the tournament comes to a close, those with the most points win prizes, which are usually casino credits that do have monetary value, but are sometimes other prizes.

In some cases, the slot tournaments are even greater bargains. Online casinos sometimes offer free slot tournaments, also called freerolls. In those tournaments, there is no entry fee. You simply register, are given credits, and play. Because you didn’t have to pay, there is no risk to the games, but you have a chance to win prizes.

In addition to the lower risk in tournaments, another advantage is that the tournaments offer a more competitive atmosphere. Instead of just you on the machine, you are competing against all of the other players. It’s not enough to win money; you have to win more than they do. The competitiveness of the slot tournaments gives it a more exciting atmosphere, creating a whole new kind of gameplay.